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The 1248 Langton Association

Welcome to the 1248 Langton Association

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys has a long tradition of success and a reputation for producing well-rounded, successful young men and women.

In the current climate of funding cuts, there is mounting pressure on schools to make savings, which frequently affects provision particularly in the arts, music, drama and sport. The 1248 LA will endeavour to support the school to ensure Langton teachers continue to deliver over and above all expectations. We want you to have available the same educational opportunities Langtonians have experienced since the school began.

However, that’s not all. Lifetime membership fees of £4 per month are paid in full during your time at the school, working out at just over 92p per week, and for this you will be supported through your time at school and have lifelong access to many benefits, including:

  • a wide range of social events with Langtonians, from informal get-togethers in the Tong Centre and venues in London to formal dinners at school
  • ‘1248 Langton Association University Reunions’ organised by university reps to maintain links through your student years
  • Langtonian sporting events, for example in football, golf, hockey, rugby and cricket
  • music concerts enabling the many Langton musicians to continue to make music together
  • 1248 LA business networking dinners, drinks and breakfasts where Langtonians young and old come together to meet and explore connections and mutual benefits

To set up your payment you can either complete the form HERE and return to Mr D J Watson, Deputy Head Teacher, or follow the link,, and follow the instructions to set up the direct debit yourself.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the 1248 Langton Association is the opportunity it offers for networking.  This is invaluable to Langtonians facing the daunting prospect of entering the job market; opportunities exist to develop links for work experience or internships and to access advice, borne out of experience, from Langtonians working in areas of interest to you. These issues may seem a long way off at this point but they will be upon you before you realise.

The 1248 LA will contact you twice a year for the rest of your life with a schedule of LA events, along with news of personal achievements and experiences of members.  You will be sent an electronic copy of ‘The Langton News’, so you can stay in touch with developments at the school, along with a calendar of major events at the school which you will be welcome to attend. The LA will provide a platform for you to stay in touch with school friends and organise occasions for you to meet up and relive the happy memories you are about to make.

The 1248 Langton Association exists for you, please get involved and enjoy it. 

Mr K Moffat

President 1248 Langton Association

Head of School

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The 1248 Langton Association