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The Langton Curriculum

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The aim of the Langton Curriculum is to expose students to the best that has ever been thought, spoken, written or recorded and to provide a full programme of cultural literacy for all. Wherever possible, we wish our students to participate in genuine open-ended research, by which we mean discovering things that no-one has ever discovered before. We wish to develop resilience in our young men and women as well as intellectual courage and to enable them all to be the ethically minded leaders of their generation, through becoming the best possible versions of themselves they can be; becoming the adults their peers will gravitate towards and respect.

We seek to achieve this through:

  • Teaching GCSE/A Level syllabuses whilst giving subject specialists autonomy and licence to teach beyond the curriculum and recognising that exam results are a necessary but insufficient measure of the progress of individual students or schools;
  • Providing opportunities in each key stage for genuine open-ended research;
  • Providing a carefully tailored and expertly delivered History of Ideas programme;
  • Delivering high quality teaching at all times which is inspiring, thought provoking and challenging;
  • Challenging the ideas and beliefs of our young people through robust interrogation and thoughtful argument;
  • Providing the widest possible range of extra-curricular opportunities at all levels of the school;
  • Cherishing and nurturing the creative arts, both within and outside the formal curriculum;
  • Creating a caring community which understands the needs of the group as much as the desires of the individual.