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Elite Sport Academies

The Elite Sport Academies are a collaboration between Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys and The Canterbury Academy under the umbrella of The Canterbury Institute of Sport (CIS).  The partnership involves the two educational establishments providing a range of sports programmes for sixth form students attending the respective schools.

Through flexible timetabling, high quality staffing and strategic curriculum design, the CIS is able to offer a sports training package that allows students dedicated time allocated to their respective sport.  In most sports, it also offers a regular competitive experience alongside the weekly training schedule.

Our Vision

To provide the best sport specific development programme for sixth form students in the South East.

Our Aims

  • To develop and build a professional environment that is enhanced by facility quality, staff performance and relationships with students.
  • To match programmes to individual needs.
  • To provide a holistic structure to educate students about sporting excellence.
  • To allow students to access high quality practitioners.
  • To recruit high quality students with a passion for their sport.

Our Culture

The programme is just as much about helping students develop as people as it is about developing their sport.

We want our staff and students to consistently model the following behaviours. We want visitors to be able to see evidence of these behaviours when they see our students train and play.

  • Honesty – with themselves, team mates and staff.
  • Resilience– not being afraid to make mistakes and accepting failure is part of development.
  • Passionate – loving their sport so much that they do extra work and take the opportunities on offer to improve themselves on and off the sports field.
  • Hard working – demonstrate an ability to push themselves hard physically and mentally.
  • Leadership – work hard to be sporting ambassadors for students across Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys and The Canterbury Academy Trust.

Our Programmes

We currently focus on the following sports – Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey and Triathlon.