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Marlowe Matters

The Marlowe Research Library, formerly housed in Faversham, has recently migrated to the Tong Centre at the Langton, and we are proud to announce that visiting scholars, small research groups and selected students can now visit the library and access its voluminous, compendious and Marlovian contents.

Access to the library will be organised by email, with interested parties contacting directly.

Please give us at least two days’ notice before arrival, and please remember also to sign in at the main school reception.  Log in as visiting ‘Dr C Taylor’ when prompted.

The library contains a wealth of Marloviana, but also tomes on Shakespeare, Beaumont, Fletcher, Jacobean dramatists, as well as texts addressing social, political, historical and literary matters.  The MARSOC archives are also in the collection.

There is also a small trove of Marlowe historical oddities – including roofing timber taken from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, a Marlowe ‘brand’ paper weight, commemorative coins, and something approximating to an ashtray.

The library is overseen by Dr Taylor, who is a committee member of the Marlowe Society.  New additions to our stock always welcome.

Dr CJ Taylor


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