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Chaucer Films

Year 9 study Chaucer in their English lessons during term 3 and, in response to a challenge thrown down by Dr Taylor and Miss Grant, have produced these fun animated introductions to Geoff and the Tales.  Enjoy – and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to those boys who submitted videos.  All the responses were brilliant: these are the best of the bunch!

The Miller by Oli Sonnen, Theo Laird, Josh Poole and Joe Morrissey

The Pardoner’s Tale, Prometheus and the Theft of Fire  by Ethan McFarlane, Atticus Grumett, Haz Anwer and Luke Mullins

Royal Bloods by Tom Guest, Mateo Jalba, Charlie Mumford and William Wickes

Sean Baghai-Ravary

Wilf Astin-Cooke

Jasper Lewis

Archie Giblin