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Dr. Obote College

Dr Obote College is our Ugandan link school, located a few miles south of Lira, in northern Uganda. In many ways Dr Obote College is similar to the Langton, with approximately 700 boys, with girls in the Sixth Form. Like the majority of Ugandan Secondary Schools, Dr Obote College is a fee paying boarding school, with students originating from poor social backgrounds.

The link between our two schools was established in 2003, with the primary objectives of developing educational and cultural links. As a starting point a shipment of library books and computers was sent in spring 2002, allowing Dr Obote College to establish its first computer laboratory and re-stock its library. More recently, teacher exchanges have taken place.

Our Contribution

In the early years Langton students funded the shipment of several containers, supplying textbooks, computers, lighting, mattresses and lab equipment. In 2006 we funded the installation of a satellite Internet link, improving communication channels with DOC staff and students. Five non-uniform days per year continue to cover the cost of maintaining this link.

More recently the focus shifted to the funding of projects at the college, with money raised through our annual sponsored walk allowing the installation of an electricity generator and the refurbishment of science laboratories.

In addition Langton Houses fundraise to sponsor two students each per year. Whilst we seek parity in our relationship with Dr Obote College, many of our students have been moved by the stories of the school’s students and have asked that the Langton continue to sponsor boys attending the school. Sponsored students are either orphans or whose poverty and family circumstances are such that they would not otherwise be able to afford a secondary education. Over the years Langton has sponsored in excess of seventy students, many of whom have subsequently qualified for Ugandan government sponsorship, having excelled in the A Levels.

The Dr Obote College/Langton Link “My Perspective” by Mr Dick Alengo, Headteacher

Fear not the truth

Dr Obote School Motto

Mosquito Nets

Thanks to money raised by Langton students, mosquito nets have been purchased for the dormitories at Dr. Obote College.  Malaria is a serious tropical disease spread by mosquitoes. If it isn’t diagnosed and treated promptly, it can be fatal – one single bite is enough to infect a person so the students are now pleased to have some protection.

Sponsored Students

Amanya Stephen (S5) Sharp




Okonye Innocent Claudious

Okello Gerald (S5) Burgess

Nyeko Amos (S5) Sharp

Akello Ruth Babra (S5) Burgess

Odora Stephen (S5) Hardman

Okabo Jacob (S5) Young

Oyaka Silas (S3) Young

Nyankol Paul (S1) Burgess

Steven Ocero (S2) Mackenzie

Okwenye Innocent (S2) Mackenzie

Ongulu Reagan Max (S5) Hardman

Odyek Andrew (S2) Hardman

Akedo Abel S2 (sponsored by the parents of Ed Glover)

Patricia Awor (previously sponsored)

A levels completed and wishes to become an English teacher

Sandra Awor (previously sponsored)

Currently finishing a midwifery course

Denis Adoko (previously sponsored)

Currently finishing a midwifery course

Jaspher Abura

Finishing dipoloma in clinical medicine