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Our mission is to lead a community of learners who enjoy an ability to think creatively, critically and innovatively; who possess a strong sense of responsibility for the School, for the community and for the environment; and who have the will to use these skills, not only for the benefit of themselves, but also for the good of the wider world.

We are extremely experienced in producing high achieving and well rounded individuals ready to take on roles as the leaders of their generation. We are also a formidable science School and have a science department that is leading the country in both its teaching and academic research. But, whatever your talent, from sport to theatre, art to economics, we have something to interest you. Above all things we value most – creativity, innovation and altruism.

“We aim to give all our students a positive and powerful experience they will remember and be proud of for the rest of our lives.  To be part of the Langton community is to be part of something that is caring and empowering and lasts forever.  We know that because our students tell us so.  And we rather like that.”

Mr Ken Moffat, Head of School